Why Zoom?

When the first lockdown was announced in March 2020 we were devastated as it spelt disaster for Tall Tales Mysteries.

Fast forward to June 2020 and we tried our shows on Zoom to see how they could work. The response was unexpected.

Putting on these shows allowed us to keep going during Covid, and it’s hard to imagine other circumstances where an actor is able to work from the comfort of their own living room.

Zoom is also a very user-friendly video conferencing platform, which was important for inclusivity.

How do Zoom murder mysteries work?

Like our in-person events, Zoom shows involve the actors performing scenes with gaps between so our guests can quiz us. There are clues for guests to analyse, and plenty of silliness and laughs thrown in.

An actor's set up for a Tall Tales Mysteries Zoom show

What’s it like for the actors?

My first Zoom show was an old favourite, Murdr Without A Hitch, set at a wedding. The show went down a treat and we had guests from all over the UK as well as across Europe and the US.

Bookings for these Zoom murder mysteries went through the roof in November/December 2020. We had 19 bookings of Who Sleighed Santa in December, which for me meant a lot of sitting in my living room dressed as a fairy while balancing my laptop on a pile of old recipe books!

The team could hardly believe that this concept could work so well on Zoom, so much so that we even have a little fan club over on Facebook now. Click here to join Tall Tales Mysteries Club.

Tall Tales Mysteries team shortly before guests join a show on Zoom. This image is from The Answer is Murder 23/9/23.

Having done these murder mysteries on Zoom for birthdays, corporate team building events, and bah/bat mitzvahs, we’re well-versed in turning any occasion into a funny, light-hearted, event with only the right kind of drama.

Since life started to resemble something close to normality again, we mainly find ourselves performing our in-person events at venues across the UK each weekend now. We still regularly put on public Zoom shows and also private parties though. Get in touch now to discuss how we can help make your special occasion go off with a bang.