Virtual Christmas Parties

We’ve launched our virtual Christmas party nights with Who Sleighed Santa on every Saturday evening in December as a party night open to everyone but what can you really expect?

Our virtual murder mystery nights are always packed with laughter and we’ve worked on making them more and more fun since we started during lockdown.

We want our virtual Christmas party nights to be so close to the sort of fun you have at your normal festive events so this is what we have planned for you on Zoom.

  1. You’ll receive access to our online case files so you can discover more about your murder mystery.
  2. We’re limiting the number of people who join us to make sure you have plenty of fun.
  3. We’re starting at 7.30pm (GMT) or 2.30pm (EST)
  4. Our virtual murder mystery nights last for just over two hours.
  5. Join us 30 minutes before the entertainment starts and we’ll put you into breakout rooms where you can get to know everyone who is joining us.
  6. Let us know if you’ve got friends or family joining you and we’ll make sure you’re all in breakout rooms together.
  7. We’ll introduce all the suspects.
  8. Our professional actors will perform three short rounds.
  9. After the first two rounds we’ll use breakout rooms once again for you to quiz the suspects.
  10. You’ll discover whodunit the same evening with a confession after you’ve completed our accusation sheets.
  11. There’s a chance to chat to our team after the performance.
  12. If you’ve joined with friends and want to get together after the show let us know in advance and we’ll make sure there is a breakout room for you all the join. You might not be able to be together but we can make sure you almost feel as though you are.

In our open to anyone virtual Christmas party nights we are limiting the numbers of guests to just 50 to make sure everyone has chance to ask questions of our suspects.

But we also offer private virtual Christmas party nights so you can get together with your organisation, company or even just friends and family to play along and we have lots of different plots for you to enjoy from Murder & Mulled Wine or Murder At The Panto as well as Who Sleighed Santa.

We know it’s a really tricky time to be planning a Christmas party so we’ll do our best to help recreate a great night out with friends, family and colleagues.

You provide the nibbles and drinks and we’ll bring along a festive murder!

If you want to find out how we can help with your virtual Christmas party nights just get in touch using the contact form below or call Sara on 07833 715504.