What to expect at one of our North East murder mystery eventsWe think you’ll love one of our North East murder mystery events but you don’t have to take our word for it!

Cassie Cooper, who runs the busy Manic Mum Days group on Facebook, joined us for our murder mystery night at Hardwick Hall this weekend and she’s shared her thoughts in a blog. This is what she had to say…

Myself and my husband don’t usually get out as much as we wouldManic Mum Days joined us for one of our North East murder mystery events like these days (babysitters/time off work etc) but we were really pleased to be invited out on a Sunday night for a murder mystery evening with Tall Tales Mysteries.

Sundays are usually just a quiet evening getting sorted for the week ahead (yawn!) so it was such a novelty to be allowed to escape the house! With the children settled with popcorn and a film and the babysitter’s permission we escaped for a bit of luxury and fine dining at the lovely Hardwick Hall Hotel, near Sedgefield, which was easy to find from Darlington.

We arrived to find the seating plan and we grabbed a drink then made our way to table 4. There was a wide range of guest types of all ages and I felt that it was more a chilled out vibe as it was a Sunday. There was even a hen party! What a different experience, great for such a celebration!

As the night got underway the members of DEATHS (the cast) mingled with the audience and the fun began! We really were impressed with how immersive the experience was and how we felt really at the heart of the action with the actors right nearby and we could hear them really well.

We were especially impressed with Mimi Mee and her hosting skills and diction, she commanded that the audience were avidly listening from the beginning and we really felt captivated by her enthusiasm.

Eimear in iour North East murder mystery eventsWe also felt ‘Eimear’ was a hilarious addition and ‘the Genie’ really made the table chuckle….not to mention the sleeping peanut eating nun (think you may have had to be there!) and the rest of the thoroughly engaging cast.

The clues and mystery pack were in the table centre and throughout the night between courses we were instructed to open the clues. This added extra intrigue to the night and was great for inciting discussions amongst the table members all adding our theories to the pot! We both felt that the night was great for those wanting to meet new people and the format of the night meant it was easy and fun to interact with them. As the night went on we were served a delicious 3 course meal courtesy of Hardwick: a spicy veg soup, roast chicken and veggies and a beautiful chocolate torte (we thought excellent for the ticket price) and as you are enjoying the meal you are entertained from around the room, its brilliant!

We left for home after the night came to its horrifying conclusion after much discussion and out there theories amongst our table!!

Much to our surprise our table won as best detectives! Amazing! We loved all the little touches that the night brought and most of all we were really impressed with the quality and effort that went into the smooth running of the night and the imaginative story line and plot.

Have never been to anything like it before and will be sure to tell The genie at one of our North East murder mystery eventseveryone to try a Tall Tales Mysteries night for a fun evening with a difference (think it will be hard to go back to a ‘normal’ night out again!) surely every night needs to include a fluffy crocodile and a fairy?!

Cassie Manic Mum days

Thank you, Cassie, for sending us your thoughts about the night and we’re so glad you enjoyed one of our North East murder mystery events. Look forward to seeing you at another!

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