What is a Mystery In The Mail? Your FAQs

Mystery In The Mail

Interested in a mystery in the mail for your child but want to find out more?
Here are the questions we're asked the most.

  • What is a mystery in the mail?
  • A mystery in the mail is designed for children. Each mystery lasts four weeks with post - yes, real live letters and parcels - arriving in the post every week. It all starts with a letter to the child, followed by letters every few days to build the story and activities and puzzles to do.
  • What age range is it for?
  • We recommend 7 to 12. Younger mystery solvers may need a little more help with the puzzles and codes but the mystery is geared to that age range.
  • Is it scary?
  • No, the tone and content of the story is meant to be exciting and puzzling but not scary but we understand that suddenly receiving mail from a stranger in the post could be a bit frightening for some children. That's why we ask you to confirm that if the mystery is being purchased as a gift for someone else's child that you have informed the child's parents to expect the mystery in the mail.
  • Can I give a mystery in the mail as a gift?
  • You certainly can and in this day and age of computer games what a refreshing gift it makes - something completely different and fun!
  • How does a mystery in the mail start?
  • We send a letter to the child's parents first just to let them know the child is about to receive letters from a stranger in the post. That letter is then followed by a mysterious postcard to the child and the mystery in the mail begins.
  • How quickly will it start after I've bought a mystery in the mail?
  • We aim to start the mystery in the mail within seven days of your purchase with the letter to parents being sent within the first few days and the first postcard arriving addressed to the child a few days after that.
  • Is it personalised for my child?
  • Yes. Many of the activities are standard items but letters from our mysterious characters are addressed to your child which is why we need their name and the address to send it to - particularly if their address is different to yours.
  • What is included in the mystery in the mail?
  • Each mystery is different but generally each mystery includes postcards and letters addressed to your child, perhaps a diary or letters relating to the story, puzzles and activities to solve and complete, photos to add to the sense of reality and in the final mailing a scrapbook, rewards and a letter that wraps up in the story. The scrapbook allows your child to keep everything they have made or done and put the story together so we encourage you to keep everything together as you work through the mystery.
  • What if my child gets stuck on solving a puzzle?
  • Not all of our puzzles and codes are easy - where would the fun be in that - and some have no explanation as to how to crack them. However, we suggest that if your child gets stuck you try to work the puzzle out with them and if you still can't solve it we have a secret Facebook group for parents to join and ask questions of each other and ask for hints. Click here to join the group.
  • What if I change my mind and want my money back?
  • We offer a full refund within 14 days of purchase so if you change your mind just let us know. We may already have sent the letter to parents, the first postcard and perhaps some other mail too and because we use Royal Mail we can't recall that so you may receive up to half the mystery. However, on cancellation no further items will be sent and you will be left with only half the mystery. Please see our full refund policy here.
  • What if I live outside the UK?
  • You can still purchase a mystery in the mail. However, we send the entire mystery in one box to the parents of the child with instructions on how to stage a mail delivery week by week - that way pieces of the mystery arrive in order and we don't risk some items arriving before others! The complete box will take a little more time to arrive so please leave plenty of time if you are ordering the mystery to arrive for a certain date. Each piece of the mystery is still personalised for your child and it will take seven working days for the mystery in the mail to be dispatched.
  • What about refunds outside the UK?
  • Our refunds are different to those living outside of the UK as we send the complete set of the mystery in the mail in one box leaving you to either post or stage a mail delivery. In the case of a change of mind within 14 days we ask you to send the entire mystery box back to us for a full refund. No refund will be made until we have received the mystery in the mail back here. Please see our full refund policy here.

Hopefully, these FAQs have helped you decide whether a mystery in the mail is right for your child.

If you're ready to order take a look at our mysteries here and we look forward to creating a world of intrigue for your child!

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