Virtual office events

You and your colleagues may have been working apart for a year and you’re looking for ways to keep everyone together. That’s what we can do with our murder mystery virtual office events.

Perhaps your office is planning to work separately or using shift patterns or maybe everyone is coming back to the office and you need an icebreaker. Has there been a staff changeover since you were all working together and you need something fun to bring everyone together?

We’re sure we can help with one of our virtual office events with murder mystery or perhaps just a mystery with lots of fun, laughter and working out whodunit together.

Our virtual office events don’t feel anything like another boring Zoom meeting and it’s amazing how quickly everyone gets involved. Get in touch using the contact form below to find out more – we’ve got something for offices of all sizes.

If you’re already planning a virtual office Christmas party take a look at our fun storylines here.

Our virtual office events

You’ll meet our shady suspects, watch them perform and then take time to interrogate each one in turn. There will be plenty of laughter as you put our quick-thinking suspects on the spot.

Our virtual office events are a great way to bring people together when they can’t be together in person and we can help tailor your event to give everyone a fun, interactive experience with an event that’s designed just to be fun and to bring everyone together.

Or you can use our virtual murder mysteries as a teambuilding exercise. What questions do you need to ask? What has been said and what can you interpret from the answers? What follow up questions need to be asked?

Our murder mysteries can aid with questioning and listening skills as well as analysing and understanding what you’ve just learned.



    We’ve brought our virtual office events to life for teams from

    • Ericsson
    • Turn It In
    • Twinings
    • Lionbridge
    • Orpheus Cyber
    • North East England Chamber Of Commerce and more

    We’re ready to help with one of our virtual murder mysteries over Zoom whether you want an evening event or an afternoon activity.

    Get in touch with us using the form at the bottom of the page to find out more and discover the perfect plot to suit you or call Sara on 07833 715504.


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    Some of our plots that make for great virtual office events

    The Art Of Murder - interactive murder mystery
    Murder On The Menu - a virtual murder mystery night
    The Art Of Murder

    Lord Conwell invites you to the unveiling of his latest fine art collection.

    Join his guests drawn from the great and the not so good but be prepared for surprises because not all his guests will be leaving Conwell Manor alive.

    Murder On The Menu

    Celebrity judges, Jayne Fondant and Mario Mascarpone, have arrived at the village fete to judge the cake competition but only one of them will leave.

    Who has put murder on the menu at the cake competition?

    Flat Caps & Murder

    Our murder mystery with a nod to the Peaky Blinders. 

    You join the Pesky Bleeders but the Boss has big problems. The cops are on his tail, there’s a mole in the camp and now there’s a body in the cellar.

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