Virtual murder mystery weekend

Throw yourself into our immersive virtual murder mystery weekend and get involved with clues and discoveries.

The founder of the Worth Sweet Co has died and you are invited to join his friends and family at the reading of the will.

Over two days (January 22nd and 23rd 2021) you will uncover clues, come face to face with the murder suspects to ask them the burning questions, solve puzzles to reveal more clues. Before on the third and final day we will reveal the winner of our Top Detective prize at the end of our exciting CSI workshop.

You can choose to become a mini character in this virtual murder mystery weekend with knowledge of secrets or more of the suspects – giving you the chance to get involved as much or as little as you wish. Mini characters are limited to 12 so if you want to have a part you make sure you grab a Mini Character Invitation asap.

Everything takes place on Zoom with clues delivered through our website so you can sit back from the comfort of your home and be a real armchair detective.

Meet the suspects in our virtual murder mystery weekend

The supects in our virtual murder mystery weekend are the friends and family of millionaire Walter Worth.

Flavia Worth-Moore

Walter’s daughter who has been running the Worth Sweet Co since he retired

Leslie Moore

Walter’s son and a traveller and free spirit at heart. He has little interest in the family business

Evan Worth-Moore

Flavia’s husband and Walter’s lawyer. He helped draft the will that is to be read 

Annette Worth

Walter Worth’s second and much younger wife but did she marry for love or money?

Neva Moore

Flavia and Evan Moore’s daughter who feels stifled by her family and Worth Hall

Mary Widdowes

Walter Worth’s live-in nurse and housekeeper who was devoted to him 

Our virtual murder mystery weekend schedule

Friday January 22nd

6.30pm – meet your fellow detectives

Join us online and meet your fellow detectives to get to know everyone before your investigation begins.

7.30pm – Murder Mystery Performance

Your murder mystery weekend starts here as you gather with Walter Worth’s family and friends for the reading of his will.

Grab your notebook and pencil and begin your investigation.

Leave your fingerprint kit behind – you’ll need that later.

Saturday January 23rd

2pm to 3.30pm – Detectives Forum

Get together with your fellow detectives and swap ideas and notes. Watch out for those playing mini characters as they’ll have important information for you if you ask the right questioms.

4pm – 5.30pm – Crime Writers’ Panel

Meet our crime writers and discover more about their work and how they do what they do.*

6pm to 7pm – Show & Tell Magic with Andy Larmouth. Learn tricks to impress your friends and family.**

7.30pm to 9.30pm – Murder Mystery Performance

Tonight you’ll discover whodunit but will you have cracked the case?


Sunday January 24th 2021

11am to 12noon – Forensics Workshop

Meet a former crime scene investigator and discover how they solve crimes by revealing evidence at the scene. 

She’ll tell you about true cases, the evidence that helped convict the guilty and lead you through using the fingerprint powder, brush and other equipment in your gift box.

12 noon to 1pm – Are you our Top Detective?

We’ll reveal our Top Detective from the weekend plus other prizes!

Panels and workshops are subject to change.

*The Meet The Authors session is open to everyone but priority will be given to our murder mystery weekend guests.

**The Show & Tell Magic workshop is an additional £10 to the simple ticket but included with the Mini Suspect ticket.

A great Christmas gift

Our virtual murder mystery weekend makes a great Christmas gift and if you purchase an invitaton to the will reading as well it can be a great way to get together with your friends or family even if you’re apart.

We know how hard it can be to find the perfect gift for that special someone but giving them an invitation to our virtual murder mystery weekend and even giving them the chance to become a part of the action makes it easy. That’s why we’re running out virtual murder mystery weekend in January – giving you something to do in a dreary month and something to look forward to.

Know someone who would love this?

Want to get the family together to play?


Our packages

Our virtual murder mystery weekend packages start from £40 for the two days or £50 if you want a mini character created for you to play over the weekend. Both packages include our Meet The Authors session where you’ll meet three fantastic crime writers who will tell you about their careers, how they write and where they get their inspiration and they’ll answer any questions you may have.

We have an exciting Show & Tell Magic event for those who want an added extra on the Saturday evening. Magician Andy Larmouth will reveal tips and tricks and help you learn some amazing magic to impress your friends and family. This show is an additional £10 on the simple ticket price.

And on Sunday you can join us for a CSI workshop where you’ll meet a real crime scene investigator who will reveal how crimes are solved and will get you testing your skills with the fingerprint kit in your treat box.

This is a weekend packed with fun that’s not to be missed all from the comfort of your armchair.

Murder mysteries as heard on BBC Radio