The weekend is nearly here and you’re looking forward to one of our online murder mysteries but you realise you’ve seen this weekend’s plot.

Now what are you going to do? We thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of some fun mystery things to do when you can’t join us. The list includes some movies, some games and a couple of things to get you outdoors as well until you can come back and enjoy the next murder mystery plot with us.

  1. Knives Out

This brilliant movie stars Daniel Craig as investigator Benoit Blanc with an all star cast of suspects. It was released in 2019 and you can find it on Amazon although you do have to rent it currently. It harks back to a more traditional style murder mystery and I can’t recommend it enough with all its twists and turns.

  1. Game Night

Another movie that I can watch over and over again that’s packed with twists and turns but is also very funny. It’s about a group of friends who regularly meet for Game Night and a competitive brother who just has to take the game up a notch but he’s kidnapped right in front of everyone. It’s all part of the game, isn’t it? Great fun and this one you can stream on Netflix. Another big recommendation from me!

  1. Geocaching

Something for getting outdoors during the day that you can do for free or you can opt for a premium membership on the website. Secret caches are hidden in all sorts of places in towns, around country walks and pretty much anywhere you can get out and about. You can find circular trails on the website and head off to see how many you can find. You find the cache, add your name to a paper list inside and replace it where you found it. Great fun for all ages.

  1. Among Us

I know this is probably meant for kids but I love this online game and have been known to play without the children. You enter a game with up to nine other people and then have to work out who is the imposter because one of you is trying to sabotage the mission in space. Work out correctly who the imposter is and you win!

  1. PI

Some of the team and I meet up on a Sunday evening to play games on Board Game Arena and my favourites are always those investigative games. We regularly come back to PI where you have to find the elements of your case – the crime, the location and the culprit – through deduction. It doesn’t take long but is great fun. There are three scenarios per game. You play it online with your friends or with others on the site if you prefer. I think it is a board game originally but I can’t find it anywhere.

  1. Agatha Christie’s Death On The Cards

I was given this for Christmas but as usual no one in the family wants to play but I love this game too. One of you is the murderer and by playing action cards you have to work out who that might be and you have to stop them from getting away with their dastardly crime. It’s not too tricky to learn to play and it’s all based on cards that you’re dealt.

  1. Murder Mystery

Another movie streaming on Netflix starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. I’m not a big fan of either of these actors unless I’m watching Friends but it’s a fun romp that makes me laugh out loud and it twists and turns like a good murder mystery. Aniston and Sandler are heading off on a trip of a lifetime to Europe. Cue terribly British accents, a murder most foul followed by several others and our stars having to prove to the bungling police that they didn’t do it. I’ve watched it several times now so it must be good!

  1. 221B Baker Street

It’s Cluedo for grown-ups. You move across the board, visiting various locations and solving any number of crimes in a booklet. Each location will reveal a clue for you to crack the case and uncover whodunit, where and why. Another game that no one will play with me because I get too competitive! This would be brilliant on Board Game Arena actually. I may have to suggest they add it and then perhaps I could find someone to play.

Online mysteries for adults

  1. The Disappearance Of Kitty Wake

This is our online murder mystery game where you are the detective and you must solve the case. Depending on how much in depth you want to go you can play it over a few days with friends or just one evening. You’ll meet six of our suspects and have the chance to choose the questions you want to ask in video interviews with them. There are also clues that you’ll find along the way, emails and voicemail messages too. If you haven’t played it yet take a look here. You’ll recognise some faces! And we’ve got a new one coming soon.

  1. A mystery podcast

I have become a huge fan of true crime podcasts and can recommend lots of them. My favourites so far aren’t all murder mysteries either. I loved Last Seen, a podcast about the theft of priceless art work at the Isabella Gardner Museum in Boston which I have to admit was the inspiration behind our new no-murder mystery game that you can play on June 12th.  I was also fascinated by The Fake Heiress on BBC Sounds and I still can’t believe how people were taken in for so long. Another riveting podcast about the murder of Alistair Wilson on his doorstep comes from BBC Scotland and can be found on BBC Sounds too. It’s hard to believe the case has never been solved and it’s utterly shocking.

11. Yes I know I said there were ten things but I’ve just remembered another movie that I must recommend.

The Changeling is well worth a watch although not if you’re sensitive about missing children. It’s not my favourite subject but this movie with Angelina Jolie is utterly gripping and beautifully portrayed. It’s also based on a true story from 1928 and directed by Clint Eastwood and focuses not only on the search for a missing boy but the way his mother was treated when she refused to accept the obvious imposter that the LAPD was determined she should accept as her son.

I’d love to know what other mystery things you find to do when you’re not joining us for an online murder mystery. Send me a message via and I might even update our blog.

Take a look and see what plots we’ve got coming next here and we’ll see you soon.