Rainy day fun


Looking for some rainy day fun?

When the weather outside is frightful it’s always good to find something to keep the kids occupied indoors so here’s a few of our “detective” favourites.

Memory Game

This is one we used to find ourselves playing whenever we went out with small children but it’s also a great game for indoor play on a rainy day.

Hunt out some smallish items and place them on a plain tray or a tray covered with a plain cloth – it just makes it easier to see everything rather than having a picture underneath the items. Show the kids all the items, talk about them, point out each one and then place another cloth over the top. Discreetly remove one item so the children can’t see which one you’ve taken, lift the cloth with a flourish and then ask them which item is missing.

How did we play it in a café? We’d put a knife, fork, salt cellar, menu and some bits and bobs we had with us (you know how you always have your handbag filled with kid things) and we’d get the kids to close their eyes. Points would go to the child who guessed which object was missing.

Touch Game

More rainy day fun here but you’ll need a cardboard box for this one. Put the box on its side so that the open end is facing you and then cut a hole in the side opposite the opening. Cover the hole with some paper taped above it so the child can put their hand in without being able to see what is inside the box.

Choose some different objects again. In this case it’s great to find some really interesting textures such as an orange or a hairbrush as well as odd shapes too.

Gather those items beside you, perhaps under a cloth so the children can’t see what you’ve got and then take one item at a time into the box using the open end. Make sure the kids don’t see what you’re up to.

Now get them to pop their hands inside the hole and feel the object you’ve put in there and see if they can work out what it is.

Magazine Treasure Hunt

Any game with the word treasure hunt in it is always popular and this treasure hunt is perfect for some rainy day fun. This time find a magazine, have a flick through and write a list of different things you want the kids to find. Then give them that list and another piece of paper and ask them to find everything on the list in the magazine.

They then need to cut out the picture of the object they think matches your list and glue it on to the other piece of paper. That’s three things my kids love – a treasure hunt, cutting out from magazines and gluing too!

Make sure the things on your list aren’t in any particular order as it makes it even more fun having to flick through the pages.

Have fun!


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