Where There’s A Will – online comedy night


Our online comedy show brings together your favourite murder mystery characters but puts you in control.

Put them to the test to decide which one of them deserves to inherit Sir Ivor Fortune’s fortune and watch as they weave an improvised story right before your very eyes.

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Our brand new online comedy night brings together your favourite characters and puts you in control!

Each of our over the top characters will meet you in the lawyer’s officer ready to grab their share of Sir Ivor’s Fortune’s £13 billion but only one of them will take the spoils and you will choose who becomes a billionaire.

The Countess thinks she should get the loot. Arty Fact could certainly do with a share. Mimi Mee reckons the inheritance could launch her acting career and Bob Balls is wondering whether he could bribe someone to let him play Santa next Christmas with that amount of money!

But Sir Ivor has other plans and he’s gathered you, our guests, together to decide which of these less than charming characters should get his money.

You’ll ask them questions, set them challenges and prompts to create a story that links them to Sir Ivor and just might explain why they’ve not spent much time with dear old Sir Ivor in recent years. Our characters will have to think on the hoof, turn your questions and prompts around and convince you that they are the most worthy of them all.

Our online comedy night will have you laughing along as you intereact with your favourite characters and put them to the test.

Who will make it filthy rich by the end of the night? You decide!

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Saturday August 1st, Saturday August 15th