Village Whispers – a mystery in the mail


Experience the excitement as your child is drawn into a mystery that is theirs to solve.

Letters arrive from a mysterious penpal who needs your child’s help to uncover who is spreading rumours and accusations around Whisperley Village.

Meet seven suspects – author Ruth Wrightson, librarian Warren Peace and electrical millionaire Sir Kitt Breaker among others – as you investigate notes, fingerprints, handwriting and more to get to the truth.

Each week you will receive two new personalised letters containing new information, activities and puzzles for four weeks.

All postage costs are included in this Mystery In The Mail.

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    Village whispers - Mysteries In The MailA postcard arrives and your mystery in the mail begins!

    Your child’s mysterious new penpal’s quiet village has been shattered by letters full of lies, broken windows, vandalism and distrust – leading to village whispers.

    No one knows who is behind the poison pen letters and destruction that almost every home in the village has been subjected to. But one thing is for sure – no one trusts any of their neighbours!

    Help out as Alex tries to find out who is responsible for pitting friends and neighbours against each other.

    Take a close look at the poison pen letters, unlock codes and open boxes and turn detective as you try to work out whodunit.

    With seven suspects, playing cards that are all diamonds and clues to discover your child will become wrapped up in their story over the next four weeks.

    It’s great fun for siblings to work on the case together and mums and dads may find themselves drawn into the story too!

    This Mystery In The Mail comes with free delivery of every installment.