The Death Of Gideon Love – a detective game


The Death Of Gideon Love is the first in our series of detective games where you mus examine the evidence and follow the trail to unmask a killer.

The game can be played alone or with friends.

Difficulty rating: Easy

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The first detective game in our series of Investigations puts you at the heart of the case as you are sent all the evidence to crack the case.

Choose to play alone, with a friend or even several friends you must examine the evidence in the form of witness statements, post mortem information, clues, photos and more.

Everything arrives in confidential files as you take over the case from a recently retired detective. You’ll need to build a timeline, discover where the suspects were and perhaps whether someone is not telling the truth.

You can add notes to the murder board included in the game, write on sticky notes and pin those notes next to the suspects and use the string provided to place the suspects at the scene.

This is the perfect detective game for anyone who always picks the culprit in their favourite TV crime drama or for the would-be detective who was shouting the answer at the amateur detectives on Channel 4’s Murder Island! Now is the time to put your detective skills to the test.

With three questions you need to answer to reveal more evidence in the case our detective game will take you online and offline.

The first in our series of six murder mysteries involves The Death Of Gideon Love. Gideon was not a nice character but he certainly didn’t deserve what happened to him. Examine the stories of the women in his life and the men who came into contact with him just shortly before he died. But will you solve the case? And just who killed Gideon Love?

This detective game can be played independently from the other six investigations in the series or you can choose to solve all of them.

Simply purchase the game to have the box and all its confidential case files sent to your door ready to play.

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