Tall Tales Detective Academy


Join the Tall Tales Top Detective Academy and get access to fun activities, ideas and games to keep your budding detective busy.

Our mini mysteries, treasure hunts and trails and Village Whispers are worth £21 but you get everything for just £12!

Our Detective Academy is a great way to start your junior detective club with friends or family.



Our Tall Tales Detective Academy gives your child all the tips and tricks to create their own junior detective club on their own or with friends.

It’s a great activity to keep budding detectives busy over the holidays.

Plus they’ll get access to mini mysteries, detective games and our Village Whispers mystery game where they can interview suspects and uncover clues. All these games are worth £21 but we’re giving you those and membership of our Detective Academy for just £12.

Create your own badges, learn to create secret codes or how to find fingerprints and as you play along you can solve our mini mysteries, play our games and work out whodunit in Village Whispers too!

Sign up now and you’ll receive an email with the link to the Detective Academy and the puzzle you’ll need to solve the be able to access the Detective Academy.

And once you’ve completed all the activities in our Tall Tales Detective Academy you can download, print and add your name to the Detective Academy Certificate to prove you’ve passed the test!