Murder Without A Clue – a virtual murder mystery night


Join us for a virtual murder mystery night with a nod to a popular board game and Murder Without A Clue.

Perfect for ages 7+ and one ticket covers one device meaning the family can join in too.


virtual eventsA virtual murder mystery night on Saturday May 14th at 7.30pm to 9.30pm on Zoom

Can you solve our murder mystery with a nod to a popular board game?

Step inside Black Mansion where theatrical agent Madame Black is hosting a glamorous cocktail party for her stars and the stars of the future.

Everyone who is anyone will be at the party but it seems Madame Black is missing. Just what does she have planned?

When a murder is uncovered all eyes will turn to Sophie Scarlett, an up and coming film star, Penelope Peacock, a burlesque performer whose career may be behind her, Malachy Mustard, the much celebrated film director, and ventriloquist Emerald Green and his puppet, Professor Preston.

Is one of them a killer? What secrets do they hide? How far would they go to keep those secrets hidden?

It’s up to you to solve the case at our virtual murder mystery night …if you can?