Murder & The Grand Duchess – a Zoom murder mystery


Our fun Zoom murder mystery set in 1920 will have you laughing along as we reveal our tall tale that is loosely based on the mystery of Anastasia, the woman rumoured to be the last surviving member of the Russian Royal family.

Two dates to choose from – Saturday January 16th and Saturday February 27th.

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Lady Tara Fernow is inviting you to a splendid party where she wants to introduce you to the Grand Duchess Anastasia in our Zoom murder mystery loosely based on the mystery of the Russian princess.

As her special guests Lady Tara will be asking you to contribute to the fund to have Anastasia recognised as the only surviving member of the Russian Royal family and Anastasia’s loyal supporter will be encouraging you to part with your jewels and cash too.

Be prepared for surprises as Lady Tara Fernow’s recalcitrant maid reveals airs above her station and an uninvited Russian Count with a unique spying ability arrives at the party.

Hold on to your jewels at this Zoom murder mystery party set in 1920 as you put your detective skills to the test as everyone has a motive for murder,

Our Zoom murder mystery takes place on Saturday January 16th or Saturday February 27th and will have you laughing along as you uncover clues and quiz the suspects to get to the truth of the matter.

Tickets are £12 per household allowing everyone in your home to join in and we start at 7.30pm.

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Saturday January 16th, Saturday February 27th