Murder & Old Bones


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A Saxon princess’ burial chamber has been unearthed on a site destined to become a holiday park but when a more recent body is revealed our archaeological dig is about to turn into a murder mystery.

We’re still on Zoom so you can play along from the comfort of your sofa but this time your investigation is going to be a little different.

With one performance and clues to be discovered from each of our suspects you can interrogate the suspects and piece together your case at your leisure. Who do you want to question? How long do you want to spend with them? What do the clues mean and who should you ask? Everything is up to you.

We’ll still reveal whodunit in this free flow version of our game and we’re keeping down the numbers of guest detectives to give you the time for as much interaction as you choose.

Tickets are £15 for this different style game with just a maximum of 30 tickets available.

You’ll meet Dr Archie O’Logie who is desperate to protect his dig, environmental protesters Helen Earth and Willie Makeit and developer Lou Pole and his Chief Financial Officer Maureen Portantly who are desperate to get started with building their holiday park over the site.

Join us for a fun and friendly evening on Saturday April 17th at 7.30pm and we’ll see you online.

Email subscribers and our regular guest detectives can get a secret code to use for this different event to reduce the tickets to £12 – just email for your code.