Murder Between The Lines – a virtual murder mystery


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Crime writer Austin Tayshus is about to reveal his latest book but this book is no work of fiction. This book will reveal a killer….if Austin lives long enough.

Join us for our next virtual murder mystery on Saturday January 20th at 7.30pm and see if you can solve the crime.


Crime writer Austin Tayshus is about the reveal his latest book and he’s sure it will be a hit.

But this book is no work of fiction. Austin has been investigating the sad death of his first wife some years ago. He’s sure she was murdered and he’s determined to prove the case against the person he suspects. The book will reveal his prime suspect and the evidence against them.

Friends and family are convinced he has lost the plot and someone is determined to stop the book from ever seeing the light of day. If someone has killed once would they be prepared to kill again?

Join us this month on Zoom for another virtual murder mystery where you can put your feet up at home and join us online for a great fun night in.

You’ll meet Austin and his prime suspects, have chance to quiz them live through the evening in breakout rooms where you can meet friends and family wherever they are.

Tickets are £15 per device. You will receive case files and information 48 hours before the event and the login details will be available to you as soon as you book.