Murder As If By Magic


World famous magician Des Tardly has disappeared just hours before his long-awaited reunion with his former friend Herbert van Ishing.

Is this a trick or is this murder by magic? That’s up to you to decide.


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He’s a world famous magician but now he’s disappeared and this time it’s no trick this is Murder As If By Magic!

Des Tardly has made his name performing death defying tricks and illusions around the world and tonight he’s appearing with his one-time friend Herbert van Ishing after a ten year feud.

You join the audience at the Double Cross Casino in this new virtual murder mystery to see the reunion of Des and Herbert. Their feud began ten years ago when a dastardly illusion turned fatal and Des killed Herbert’s young wife in a terrible accident.

Now they’re back together…or they would be if anyone could find Des.

Who has made the magician disappear and why? And will you discover what has happened to him?

Our Murder As If By Magic is the latest of our virtual murder mystery nights on Zoom where you see short performances and then quiz each shady suspect to reveal the truth.

Tickets are £12 per household for this event running on Saturdays 13th and 20th March.

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Saturday March 13th, Saturday March 20th