Mini Mystery – Wedding Blues


Can your budding detective work out which of these movie stars’ so-called friends have sold their wedding photos to the press?

Join Detective Puzzler to solve the case in our latest mini mystery.


The glamour of the movie star life means Scarlett Leigh and Errol Flintstone can’t keep their wedding under wraps and in this mini mystery someone has sold their wedding photos to a gossip magazine!

It’s up to your budding detective to figure out which of the movie stars’ so called friends has done this.

Meet seven suspects who just might have a motive, solve the puzzles to uncover the clues and see what you make of our latest mini mystery for children.

And Detective Puzzler will be there to help you along the way!

This magazine style story leads you through the tale with reading, fun puzzles, word and number puzzles included to keep young minds busy. Plus each of our mini mysteries are all online – perfect for the difficult times we’re living in – and they’re great for children aged 7 to 10.

We’ve included all your favourite puzzles from spot the difference and hidden objects to word searches, fingerprint matches and more.

And you can download and print our activity and suspect booklets so your child can put pen to paper as they work out whodunit.