Mini Mystery – Murder At The Murder Mystery Party


Put your budding detective at the centre of the investigation in our mini mystery, Murder At The Murder Mystery Party.

Have they got what it takes to help Detective Puzzler work out whodunit?


Head across to Puzzle Hall for another fun mini mystery for the children to solve in Murder At The Murder Mystery Party!

When Lady Henrietta Emerald decides to throw a murder mystery party for her friends and neighbours she doesn’t expect to be at the centre of a real murder mystery. And worse still, she’s either the intended victim or the culprit.

Now it’s up to you to step in and help Detective Puzzler figure out whodunit, how and why.

This fun mini mystery is packed with kids’ favourite puzzles. Solve a puzzle and find a clue. Follow the clues until you’re ready to make an accusation. Detective Puzzler will lead you through step by step.

Our mini mystery Murder At The Murder Mystery Party is great fun for budding detectives aged 7 to 10 and you can download and print our Activity Booklets and Suspect Booklets to put pen to paper whilst solving the case.