Mini mystery for kids – No Time For Tea


Join Detective Puzzler at The Mystery Cafe where customers are being driven away but by whom and why?

Can you solve the case and discover who is behind the ruined cakes and bakes?


Get ready for our latest fun mini mystery for kids. In Not Time For Tea your budding detective is called to The Mystery Cafe where the cakes and bakes are all ruined.

Someone has decided The Mystery Cafe needs to close and they’re doing all they can to drive the customers away.

It’s up to you to solve the case and discover just who is making the cakes so unpalatable! There really is no time for tea at the Mystery Cafe.

We’ve got all your favourite puzzles and more in this fun tale. Solve the crossword puzzle, find all the differences in the spot the difference picture and hunt for all the hidden objects in the kitchen. Every puzzle you complete means you get a clue until you’re left with just two suspects – but will you find whodunit?

This mystery is all online and designed for days of isolation at home. You’ll receive the activity booklet and suspect booklet to print so your child can crack all the puzzles with pen and paper, whilst following along on our magazine-style story online and listening to what Detective Puzzler has to say about the case.

This is a fun way of getting the kids thinking and puzzling at home.