Mini mysteries for children – Movie Mayhem


There’s chaos on the movie set at Puzzlewood Studios and only your budding detective can work out what’s happening in the latest in our series of mini mysteries for children.

Get ready for your investigation.


Step on to the movie set at Puzzlewood Studios where apparent accidents are threatening to close filming of the latest blockbuster movie down in the next of our mini mysteries for children.

In Movie Mayhem you’ll meet Patrick, studio assistant, who will guide you through your mystery. Movie producers Vincent and Lola have just received a warning letter to shut down production or else and it’s up to you to work out who wants to see an end to folming of Lights, Camera, Explosions!

Meet movie stars, the director, scriptwriter and make-up artist. Everyone has a motive but which one of them has put a plan into action.

Solve puzzles to uncover the clues. We’ve added coded messages, spot the difference and a hidden object puzzle in this fun game that’s perfect for 7 to 10-year-olds.

Everything is online with our mini mysteries for children – perfect for keeping kids busy in these difficult times – but you can download and print the activity book that comes with the game and they can add their name to our Detective Certificate as they become the latest recruit to the Tall Tales Detective Bureau.

What are you waiting for?