Last online date for Murder & Sparkling Wine


This is the last chance to see our favourite murder mystery online on Saturday July 4th.

Murder & Sparkling Wine has been a huge hit online! You bring the sparkling wine and we’ll bring the murder mystery.



Join us for our last online date for our favourite murder mystery Murder & Sparkling Wine on Saturday July 4th.

You are the special guests at the annual party thrown by Lord Jape at Mocksomer Manor but there’s a body in the library, an unexpected guest and a Russian ballet dancer who may not be all he seems. And when a murder is discovered it’s up to you to work out whodunit.

This charming murder mystery sells out every night so don’t miss out on the final chance to see it.

You’ll meet Lord Jape’s new wife, a former maid, his jealous daughter, the Countess and many more as we take you back to the 1930s with a little glamour and glitz.

Tickets are £10 per household for this fun night in that you don’t want to miss.