Investigations #3 The Mystery Of Malia Key


You are the detective as you try to solve the case of a missing woman in this the third of our cold case file games.

Malia Key was an investigative journalist working on a story revolving around  a wealthy family when she went missing in 2017. Can you discover what really happened to her?

Difficulty rating: Medium

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You are the detective in our third cold case file game but this time you must discover what really happened to Malia Key, a woman who disappeared years ago.

Malia was an investigative journalist when she disappeared in 2017. She had arrived at Greater Questing to investigate the wealthy family behind the Worth Sweet Co.

But within days Malia had disappeared and no one has heard nor seen her since.

You have all the cold case file evidence delivered to your door including witness statements, photographs, a confession from a serial killer and more. Plus you can head online to hear from Malia herself exactly what was happening in the days before her disappearance. Who did she meet during her stay in The Questings? Was she scared of someone?

Hear from Malia and her closest friend Sadie Lawrence as you work your way through the evidence to solve the case.

This cold case game can be played alone, as a date night or with a group of friends. There is 90+ minutes of game play.

Will you crack the case?