Investigations #2 – The Case Of Percy de Vere

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Rockstar Percy de Vere is dead and now you must turn detective to uncover his killer.

Have you got what it takes to be the detective and unearth the clues that will lead you to solve the case?

Difficulty rating: Hard

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Ageing rockstar Percy de Vere has been found dead in his home. Foul play is suspected but can you reveal whodunit, how and why in the second of our Investigations murder mystery games?

In our second case in our Investigations series of murder mystery games you will meet suspects who all have a motive for murder. Percy’s estranged wife might want him out of the way. His former bandmate has recently lost a court case claiming Percy stole money from him and then there are Hollywood actors Mae and Hugh Castle whose motives are a little less obvious but there all the same.

Step into the world of Greater and Little Questing to uncover the truth.

In this game you’ll find a 360 crime scene to investigate with clues to investigate further as you delve into the case. Suspect statements, images and witness interviews are there for you to peruse to find the clues that lead you to whodunit.

And once again you will receive information from the cold case involving the murder of Laura Love. The case that builds from each of our Investigations.

This game can be played as a standalone or as part of the series of Investigations. Internet connection is required to access the crime scene and voicemail clues.

Play alone, with your partner or with friends in the murder mystery game that puts you in the shoes of the detectives.