Heist! An online mystery


Saturday June 12th 7.30pm on Zoom

A mystery without the murder but still with plenty of fun and drama! Priceless works of art have been stolen from the Haydn Seek Museum and now it’s up to you to make sure they don’t disappear forever.

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An art thief, a forger and a detective specialising in the disappearance of works of art are gathered for the investigation into a heist at the Haydn Seek Museum.

You’re on the side of the good guys and it’s up to you to stop the priceless artwork vanishing forever…if you can.

Everything takes place on Zoom so you can turn detective from the comfort of your sofa.

Follow the clues, quiz the suspects and put two and two together to come up with the right answer and stop the thief or thieves making off with these canvases. Can you foil the heist?

Heist! The Investigation is a mystery packed with clues and an intriguing tale but without the murder. Our story will unfold as the suspects reveal their tales but someone isn’t telling you the whole truth and it’s up to you to work out who that is. Will you let them get away?

You’ll have a chance to quiz the suspects, learn about their movements and their motives. Our clues may help or may be complete red herrings designed to lead you away from the guilty party.

Detective Mona Leezer will lead the investigation but she’ll be relying on you to catch the thief. Museum curator Emma Brandt has called you in to save the museum’s finest treasures but just what do security guard, Robin Banks, and caretaker, Arthur Masters, have to hide and why is notorious art thief, Cara Vaggio, lurking outside?

Join us for a fun mystery without the murder on Saturday June 12th at 7.30pm. Tickets are £15 per device – Tall Tales Mysteries Club members can use their secret code for a £3 discount – and Gift Voucher holders can use their codes to claim their gifts.