Online murder mystery game – The Disappearance of Kitty Wake


Will you work out whodunit in our online murder mystery – The Disappearance of Kitty Wake?


Immerse yourself in our first online murder mystery The Disappearance of Kitty Wake where you quiz the suspects, uncover the clues and work out whodunit.

Choose to play with friends (even via Zoom), for a date night or just on your own this online murder mystery is here for you whenever it suits you. The story stretches over four days so you can choose to play the whole story in one night or over four – it’s entirely up to you.

And get the game where you turn detective at the special launch price of just £10 for the first ten days!

There are six suspects in the murder case that hits the town of Fawnton and it means that you the detectives must re-open the case of missing teenager, Kitty Wake. Could the murder possibly linked?

Take a look at our clues, some looking back ten years and others from the murder scene today, and see if you can piece together what has happened. Then turn to the suspects and ask your questions. Your choice of questions will change what you learn – you are in charge of the investigation.

Uncover different clues for each day leading to a new set of questions for the suspects and see what you can learn about what happened,

Is Kitty Wake still alive? Is someone trying to make sure the truth is never discovered? Who has murder on their mind?

On purchase you will receive a PDF with a link to your game and a secret password.