Cluedunnit Trail – a detective trail for kids


A fun but simple detective trail for kids to play inside or out with three options to play leading to different culprits.

Download, print and hide the clues to be ready to play and then make up your own clues to play again.



Play our Cluedunnit trail inside or out and see how quickly you can discover the culprit.

Follow the clues and cross off the suspects you clear. Who is wearing a hat? Who is wearing a necklace and who doesn’t have dark hair? Look at the clues and make sure you’re clearing the correct people to discover whodunit.

This simple game is great fun and comes with three options for trails each leading to a different culprit. Then you can create your own clues and see if anyone else can solve your Cluedunnit Trail.

Hide your clues inside or place them around the garden. Time yourself to see how quickly you can crack the case.

Lots of fun for children aged 5 to 10!

Download the game, print out the clues and the suspect booklet and then hide the clues and you’re ready to start your game.