Party bag fillers for every mystery party

Party bag fillers for every mystery partyLove them or hate them party guests look forward to a party bag to take home at the end of the celebrations.

But what do you choose to add to a party bag when you’re hosting a mystery party for kids?

Here are my favourite party bag fillers for your mystery party.

  1. Mini magnifying glasses – well, every good detective needs a magnifying glass to find the clues and these are perfect. If you’ve already hosted one of my mystery parties you’ll know that the children build their party bags as they uncover each clue and these mini magnifying glasses are great to hand out for the first clue so that the party detectives can use them in their hidden objects game!
  2. Notebooks and a pen or pencil – another must for detectives. Add these to the party bags so the children can make notes about each of the suspects and their shady ways. Whenever I host a mystery party the children love to make notes about what’s going on throughout the party. My mystery parties in a box do come with a notebook to decorate as part of the entertainment but a mini notebook and pen still make great mystery party bag fillers.
  3. Coded message maker – spies use them and detectives may need to break them so a coded message maker is great fun to add to a party bag. You can download and print my coded message wheel here and add it to the party bags so the children can make their own codes when they get home. You might want to add a split pin so they can pop it through the middle and turn the wheels to create their codes.
  4. Word search puzzle books – I’ve been adding these to mystery party bags for years and they always go down a treat. I buy a mini version of these so they fit nicely into the bags and you can find them online. I know not all children love word searches but even those that say they don’t can often be found getting started on their books sooner rather than later.
  5. Secret message writing pens – perfect for party bag fillers and great fun for detectives and spies. You should get two pens in a pack, one that allows the children to write a message that’s invisible until the second pen is used to reveal it. These can be a little pricey for party bag fillers but if you’re looking for something quirky and exciting this is for you. You’ll find them online.
  6. Disguises – to make sure no one recognises you when you’re working a case! You can either choose a mask for the children to make or find those plastic kits with glasses, moustache and an odd shaped nose. I prefer the masks that you decorate and wear but the plastic kits are simple and always get a cheer when the kids discover them.
  7. Finger spies – an odd looking thing that attaches two big eyes to your fingers to create a “spy” character all ready to be turned into a sort of hand puppet. Kids love them!
  8. Mystery party bags! Now these are super cool and the children will love taking one of these home with them. Find enough brown paper bags so there is one for each child and write Top Secret across each one. Then choose something fun to pop inside. You could theme it to your party. For example, if you’ve been hosting a Jewel Thief Mystery and all the party guests are girls you could add a bracelet-making kit, maybe you could find some small cuddly toys to put one in each bag or perhaps you could include one of the collectable minifigure packs that you can get in all sorts of versions from Lego to Playmobil to Shopkins. Add in a packet of sweets and you’ve got a lovely mystery party bag that will have all the children talking about what they got!

You’ll be able to find all your party bag goodies online and if you find anything else that you think would fit perfectly into my list let me know so I can add it for everyone else.

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