Online mysteries

We can’t get out to bring you our brand of funny and perplexing murder mysteries – we really can’t wait until we see you again!

But in the meantime we thought we’d try something new and different that still gives you a chance to crack the case.

We know you love quizzing the suspects and trying to trip them up face to face and whilst you can’t do that right at the momen we think we’ve got the next best thing for you – online mysteries!

Our scriptwriter, Sara, has put her thinking cap on and come up with some brand new plots for you to tackle at home, alone, with a partner on a date night or with the family! It’s up to you.

Take a look at the stories for our online mysteries here.


Village Whispers

The first of our online mysteries is designed for children aged eight to twelve to keep them thinking and puzzling. Will they discover the clue that unlocks the case?

There are poison pen letters circulating around the village of Whisperley and your budding detective has been asked to fund out who and why.

Meet te suspects, find the clues and work out what they mean. It’s a fun case to do in one day or spread out over a week.

Start your investigation for £8.99.

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The Disappearance of Kitty Wake

Ten years ago Kitty Wake disappeared and she’s not been seen since.

As friends and family gather for a vigil in the woods where she disappeared your investigation into the deaths of three other people must begin. Each one has a link with Kitty but what does it all mean?

Can you piece together the case and work out whodunit, how and why?

Coming soon. Be the first to find out what happened to Kitty when the mystery is available by clicking here.

How do our online mysteries work?

We know you love the interaction with our suspects so we’ve tried our best to recreate some of that with our online mysteries.

We haen’t been able to put our actors together to perform for you but instead we’re following the example of The Archers and we’ve asked them to record themselves at home!

In our adult murder mytery game you’ll meet the suspects as they give their police interviews but you’ll also find links to the questions we think you’ll want to follow up with. And, of course, there are the clues you expect from us but these are more in depth and intriguing than our murder mystery nights.

Take a look at one of our suspects as they prepare to be interviewed by you the detectives!


Our online mystery for children is all ready for them to play. You’ll find it here.

And we’re working hard behind the scene to bring you The Disappearance of Kitty Wake as soon as we can. If you don’t want to miss out join our Confessions newsletter here and you’ll be the first to know when it launches!