North East Comedy Shows

Our North East Comedy Shows Our North East comedy shows take all the elements you love of our laugh-out-loud murder mystery nights to bring you all the fun but without the murder!

Our actors perform around you, drawing you in to our stories as much (or as little) as you wish. We know you love their one-liners and off the cuff responses to the things you say! That’s the magic that creates our blend of awfully British fun.

You’ll be laughing along with them as they play out the story before you in each of our plots that are perfect for parties, special occasions, weddings and corporate events and teambuilding activities

We love A Perfectly Splendid Afternoon Tea as it brings back your favourite characters from one of our murder mystery plots and includes a spot of tea and cake!

Think of a little Downton glamour (it’s set in the 1930s) and add some A Perfectly Splendid Afternoon Teaescape room fun and that’s A Perfectly Splendid Afternoon Tea.

Lord Jape and his family are facing ruin after losing all their money so they’re opening their home to the paying public and have organised afternoon tea for their guests. Watch out for the conman who’s got his eye on some money-making schemes and the Jape family ghost who only you can see and hear!

It’s up to you to work out how to open the locked box that may contain a key to the Jape family’s long lost treasure! But will you break into the box in time?

If you want to find out more about our North East comedy shows just get in touch by calling Sara on 07833 715504 or email