Mysteries In The Mail

Mysteries for children

Mysteries In The Mail

Our Mysteries In The Mail drop through your letterbox, addressed to your child and take them on an intriguing adventure designed just for them over the next four weeks.

A mysterious pen pal needs their help with an exciting story and only they can find the clues to solve the mystery.

Each week the next installment arrives through the post with puzzles and activities that weave together a story they become a part of. And each week they will be waiting for the next part of their story to arrive.

Choose one of our Mysteries In The Mail

Mystery In The Woods

Village whispers - Mysteries In The Mail
Mystery In The Woods                          The Village Whodunit

Over the four weeks they will build up a collection of postcards, letters, diaries or drawings, activities and keepsakes that all come together in the final mailing. Their adventure comes to an end with a final parcel including a scrapbook for them to build and keep their adventure safe.

It's the perfect way to entertain children aged seven to twelve. Take a look at our FAQs here.

They'll love receiving our Mysteries In The Mail through the post, addressed to them and you'll love their reactions.

Choose from two Mysteries In The Mail - The Mystery In The Woods or Village Whispers. Each mystery is £45 (including all postage) but subscribers to our e-newsletter receive a code to get £5 off before August. Sign up now to get your code.


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