Murder Mystery Teambuilding Activity

Murder mystery teambuilding event

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Teambuilding & Communication

Is communication a key goal for your teambuilding event?

Are you looking for a teambuilding activity that will get everyone working together?

Our murder mystery teambuilding activity encourages communication between teams as they work together to crack the case.

Choose to have your key members of staff to take on the roles of the suspects or book our team of fabulous actors. Pick your theme and we will come to your venue armed with case files for each team, clues to be opened, discussed and considered and a half day of fun that will get everyone talking, thinking and working together to be the winning team that gets to the solution.

Want to find out more about how a murder mystery teambuilding activity works? Download our Murder Mystery Teambuilding Activity guide.

Murder In The Den

A successful businessman is dead and one budding entrepreneur is guilty. But who, how and why?

Murder By The Book

The Book Club is reading How To Get Away With Murder and someone is planning to do just that!

Murder As If By Magic

One of the world's most famous magicians is found dead in his dressing room and this is no trick!

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