Wondering what to expect at one of our murder mystery nights?

Not sure that a murder mystery is for you?

Here are some of the questions that we’re most often asked.

Do I Need To Dress Up?

This one is up to you but we often have tables of guests who have dressed up to suit the time period of our murder mysteries. Our Murder And Sparkling Wine murder mystery is set in the 1930s and we love to see people dressing up in the style. Of course, you don’t have to and we have tables of people in jeans and t-shirts too but if you fancy turning out in style then get together with your friends and go for it!

Am I Expected To Perform?

No, don’t worry. We have a team of professional actors who love their characters and stay in character throughout the night. They do all the performing so you can sit back and enjoy what they get up to.

Is A Murder Mystery Scary?

Not our murder mysteries. We’re more into humour than horror when we’re performing for you so they’re definitely not scary! However, some of our murder mysteries might have an adult theme or two involved so we wouldn’t recommend them for under 16s.

What If I Don’t Know What To Ask?

You might not have a question immediately but something will occur to you during the evening. If not, someone else on your table is bound to have an idea – even if it’s a complete red herring – and they’ll want to ask questions. Our actors will come to your table and talk to you. There’s no pressure to ask questions but they’re very friendly and will soon have you playing along with them.

Will We Be On A Group Table With People I Don’t Know?

That depends on your venue. Some venues have large round tables to seat ten or more and if they have smaller groups booking they may put groups together. Don’t worry about that though because it means you will have more heads to help you work out whodunit and ask questions. We always give you plenty of Accusation Sheets at the end so you can work as a smaller group to win our prizes.

What If I Can’t Hear?

Our actors are used to projecting their voices so everyone can hear but we know there are sometimes when a hearing aid might fail or you really are struggling to hear above the noise in the room when the actors are answering questions at your table. Please let our actors know and they will try to remember to stand near you when they are answering questions and will raise their voices further. They’re very approachable.

Can We Take Photos?

Yes, please do take photos. We put props on the tables for you to use in your photos and, at the end of our murder mysteries, we always come to talk to our guests before you leave so if you want to take photos with the cast then please just say. We love having our photos taken! If you do take photos please share them on social media and tag us in using the hashtag #talltalesmysteries so we can see and share your photos too!

If these don’t answer your questions then email sara@talltalesmysteries.com.

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