Murder mystery events in Darlington and County Durham

Murder mystery events in Darlington and Durham

Are you looking for a different entertainment for your corporate clients?

Do you want a teambuilding event that will build communication among your staff?

Are you looking for an entertainment that will draw guests to your venue?

Our murder mystery events in Darlington and County Durham (and a little further afield too) are a great way to get everyone talking, laughing and relaxing as everyone turns detective to try to solve one of our clever mysteries.

We have murder mysteries created just for teambuilding events or mysteries that are perfect for an unusual office Christmas party. Each one is created with a sense of humour as well as enough clues and false trails  that will either lead you to the solution or straight up the garden path!

And you can book us to bring a murder mystery to your venue either for an evening's entertainment or one of our popular afternoon tea and a mystery event.

Al our mysteries can be brought to life with our team of actors or with your staff, friends and guests playing the parts of suspects and detectives in our Join In Whodunits.

Ready to find out more about our murder mystery events in Darlington and County Durham? Then call Sara on 07833 715504, email or use this form to get in touch.

[threecol_one]Murder On The Menu murder mysteryMurder On The Menu

The annual Mocksomer village fete is underway but the cake judging is murder this year![/threecol_one] [threecol_one]

Spooky haunted house at dusk

Murder Is Frightful

A perfect murder mystery for Halloween set in a haunted house where a wealthy recluse has been murdered

[/threecol_one] [threecol_one_last]Murder mystery teambuilding activity

Murder In The Den

Rivalry, secrets and murder abound when entrepreneurs seek success for their businesses


[twocol_one]Murder By The Book murder mystery

Murder By The Book

The Book Club are reading How To Get Away With Murder but someone has taken it to heart[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Murder and Mulled Wine - a Christmas murder mystery

Murder And Mulled Wine

The Christmas party at the manor house is in full swing but the butler has served his last glass of mulled wine




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