Murder mystery box games make the perfect Christmas gift for the armchair detective in your life. If you’re starting to panic about what to buy, this is an excellent choice.

Been to one of our murder mystery events either in-person or on Zoom? You’ll love these cold case file games.

Ever fancied being a detective? Well this is your chance.

The case files contain; witness statements, interviews, photographs, and more. This will arrive on your doorstep all ready for you to get your teeth into.

There are six games in our series of Investigations that put you in the shoes of the detective.

With each box game, you will receive files from a seventh cold case crime that you can solve once you’ve solved the first six.

Each cold case file game can be investigated as a stand alone case and in any order.

Play alone, as a date night, or bring friends together and discover who has what it takes to be a detective.

Each of the case files is different but they all contain; witness statements, suspect information, newspaper clippings, post mortem reports, a murder board, a map, images, and case notes.

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Looking for something for a tiny detective?

We also have plenty of mini mysteries for children and they’ve proven very popular.

Each mini mystery is an online magazine-style story where you are welcomed by a detective who you through your mystery.

You, or your child, will be working out who kidnapped a horse, or who is trying to stop filming on a film set. There are plenty of weird and wonderful mysteries to choose from.

Each mystery is perfect for children aged seven to 10 and these games are just the thing to keep them entertained during school holidays.

At the end of each mystery they will decide who they believe the culprit is, and discover if they’re right.

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