Our Murder Mystery Actors

Meet The Team

Meet our regular murder mystery actors - as they are in real life and not in their shady roles.

Lee Morris

Lee is our resident joker who always keeps us (and our audiences) smiling.


Fiona Thomas

Fiona is becoming increasingly typecast as jealous and spoilt young ladies.


Sharon Cawthorne

Sharon is a holistic therapist with her own clinic, Shen Holistics, in Ingleby Barwick, Stockton-on-Tees.



Malcolm Stamp

Malcolm makes a marvellous upper crust titled gentleman in our murder mysteries.


Wendy Church

When Wendy is not off cruising you'll find her playing one of our suspects.


Andrew Sangster

Andrew is one of our younger cast members and our audiences love him!


Sara West

Sara writes all the scripts for our murder mysteries - we hate to think what goes on in her head most of the time!



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