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Murder And The Millionairess

Murder mystery weekend at Crathorne Hall HotelTwins Greta and Ottilie Lovelace are celebrating their 21st birthday and as soon as they have turned 21 Greta will inherit the family fortune. But only if she is engaged to be married! With an unlikely suitor, a domineering stepmother and a sister whose just too good to be true, the only question is whether Greta will survive the night!

Silent Movie Murder

Silent Movie Murder - a 1920s murder mysteryFading movie star Gerda Loynes is hosting a party to celebrate her latest movie award and to relaunch her career. Among the guest list is her younger, glamorous rival, her soon-to-be ex husband and an uninvited guest and not one loyal friend among them. Who will play the role of victim and who will be the killer at Gerda’s lavish party?

Murder Under The Hammer

Murder Under The Hammer - murder mystery nightFamous artist Pete Cassoe has died and now his artwork has been brought to auction by his not so loving family. They’re out to make a fast buck but someone else seems prepared to stop at nothing to ruin their plans.

Murder At The Masked Ball

Don your mask and join the glamorous party but be warned…not everyoneMurder at the masked ball - murder mystery night is who you think. Who lies behind the mask? Fun-loving party-goer or a Halloween witch or vampire taking the chance to blend in on the one night of the year that they’re no different to anyone else. This is our Halloween plot for 2019.

A Midwinter Murder

A Midwinter Murder - murder mystery nightA remote hotel, a snow storm and a murder! The perfect ingredients for our winter murder mystery for 2019. It’s Christmas 1948 and the guests have chosen the Devil’s Drift Hotel for their festive getaway but no one can get in or out and now it seems it may not be coincidence that has brought them all together.

Our favourites…

Digger And The Deadly Diamond

The world’s largest diamond, the Koor Blymi Stone, has been discovered byDigger and the deadly diamond - murder mystery night archaeologist Digger Jones. Your guests gather to celebrate the launch of a new exhibition with the diamond at its centre but when the owner of the diamond is found dead it seems the rumours of a curse may be right! But is the death really the result of a curse or is there murderer in the museum?

Meet Digger and Deanna Jones, publisher Arty Fact and Professor Alex Ibitt, Faye Rowe and antiquities dealer, Miss Inga Stone.

Murder And Sparkling Wine*

Lord Jolyon Jape and his wife, Lady Cecily, have invited your guests to Murder Mystery Night in SunderlandMocksomer Manor where they are hosting their annual celebration. But their butler has served his last glass of sparkling wine and one of the suspects is a murderer. Can you uncover who, how and why?

Meet Lord Jolly and Lady Cily, Gail Forth, the Countess Eliza Lott, ballet dancer, Nikolai Leapov, and Bill O’Stairs.

*This murder mystery transforms into Murder And Mulled Wine for some Christmas fun.

Murder Without A Hitch murder mysteryMurder Without A Hitch

This high society wedding has attracted all the right people as your guests arrive to celebrate the nuptials of Mimi Millions and Avery Hart-Less but when the groom goes missing it looks as though the wedding is off and secrets are revealed. Is Mimi really a jilted bride or does she know more than she’s letting on?

Meet Mimi Millions, her sister, Francesca, and their mother, Maura Millions, bridesmaid, Rosie Glow, Hugh Jeego and photographer, Ed Lines.

Murder And Mischief

Murder and Mischief - murder mystery nightSir Ivor Mansion is convinced there’s a ghostly captain aboard his new yacht so he hires mediums Hector and Esther Plasm and throws a ghost hunt. But with an uninvited guest, family secrets and a guest overboard this ghost hunt is bound to be trouble!

Step aboard Sir Ivor’s yacht for laughs aplenty.

Murder Between The Lines

Crime fiction author Austin Tayshus invites you to join the launch party forMurder between the lines -  murder mystery night his latest book but this time this is no work of fiction! Austin is about to reveal whodunit in a true crime story. Will this new book be the death of him?

This could be the book launch party to end all book launch parties!

Murder And MatrimonyMurder And Matrimony murder mysteryMurder And Matrimony murder mystery

Lord Jolyon Jape and co from Murder And Sparkling Wine have been so popular they make a return in this murder mystery. Countess Eliza Lott finally gets her man and as your guests gather for a wedding at Mocksomer Manor others are plotting to put a stop to it! But would they really go so far as murder?

Murder And Matrimony is great fun if your guests have already enjoyed Murder And Sparkling Wine but it is just as much fun as a standalone murder mystery and there is no need to have met these characters before.

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