Murder Mysteries in the North East

Join in with our murder mysteries in the North EastStep into one of our murder mysteries and immerse yourself in a fun story that will have you laughing and joining in as you turn detective.

And we make our murder mysteries as interactive as possible to make sure your guests love the experience.

We offer you two different ways to bring our murderous tall tales to life.

You can hire our fabulous team of actors to perform  our murder mysteries in the North East. Simply choose whether you want four, six or eight actors – it all depends on your venue and how many guests you’re expecting.

A sell out murder mystery

They act out four short scenes, revealing clues along the way and being quizzed by you before you and your guests decide whodunit.

Or opt for one of our Joinin Whodunits where your guests play the suspects using our easy to pick up and play scripts and materials. You have one of our team as your host to make sure everything runs smoothly and one of our actors to play the part of the detective to add a little more excitement.

Whatever style of event you choose, we bring along everything your guests need from pens or pencils to case files telling them all they need to know about the evening and clues in envelopes which might help them to reveal the culprit.

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