Mini mysteries for children

Get your budding detective uncovering clues with our interactive mini mysteries for children.

Each mini mystery is an online magazine-style story where they’re welcomed by a detective who takes them through their mystery.

They’ll be working out who kidnapped a horse or who is trying to stop filming on a movie set or even solving a murder mystery. Each mystery is perfect for children aged 7 to 10. And at the end of each one they’ll get to decide who they think is the culprit and discover if they’re right.

Each of our mini mysteries for children comes with an activity booklet for you to download and print so that they can work out their puzzles using pen and paper.

We’ve included lots of favourite puzzles in our mini mysteries for children with spot the difference pictures, hidden objects and mazes plus code breakers, memory games and word puzzles too.

We’re keeping them online so your child can have fun and keep busy despite the difficult times we’re living in.

Which of our mini mysteries will your child investigate first?


A showjumping champion is missing and you need to discover who has taken him and why!

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Movie Mayhem

There’s chaos on the movie set as someone tries to put a stop to filming! Only you can work out who and why.

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Murder In The Maze

There’s a body in the middle of the maze but who killed Oskar Windig and why. Can you work out whodunit?

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Murder At The Murder Mystery Party

When Lady Henrietta decided to throw a murder mystery party she never expected to be at the centre of a real murder mystery!

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Wedding Blues

Movie stars Scarlett Leugh and Errol Flintstone are appalled to find their wedding photos in a gossip magazine. But which is their friends sold the photos to Good Gossip and why?

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No Time For Tea

The cakes and bakes from the Mystery Cafe are being ruined. There’s salt and hairs and all sorts in them and customers are being driven away. But who is trying to ruin the business and why?

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Village Whispers – online mystery

Or perhaps your child would love our online mystery Village Whispers with real life suspects and a mystery of poison pen letters being delivered through letterboxes.

Just who is trying to upset the peace and quiet of the lovely Whisperley Village?

Join in and find out here.