Let’s make a Christmas tree!

These are simple and fun to do with children and they can then decorate your home over Christmas.

You will need:

An A4 sheet of foam or coloured card in any colour you want for your Christmas tree

A side plate

A pencil


Some double sided sticky tape

Stickers or gems to decorate your tree.


Take your side plate, place it upside down on the foam or card and draw around it on so you have a nice big circle. Then cut the circle out.

Make a Christmas tree

Now cut the circle in half so that you have two semi-circles. Fold the foam or card semi-circle into a Christmas tree shape. You can obviously make two out of one piece of card or foam.

Make a Christmas tree

Use the double sided tape to hold the foam or card in place and get decorating!

Make a Christmas tree

Now how easy is that? We’ve made our Christmas tree out of foam but it’s sometimes easier to make it out of coloured card as the sticky tape and stickers hold better on to card.