Lumley Castle Hotel in County Durham has become a regular venue for Tall Tales Mysteries.

The historic and atmospheric setting makes for the perfect backdrop to a murder mystery evening.

Let us transport you to another setting/time period as our professional actors fo a fun evening filled with laughter.

Upcoming shows at Lumley Castle

Silent Movie Murder: Friday, March 29

Fading silent movie star Gerda Loynes is struggling to save her once glittering career in Silent Movie Murder.

Gerda is hosting a party to celebrate the award she is convinced she will win tonight. It seems, however, a young starlet is taking her roles, her award, and now her husband too! Just how far will Gerda go to save her once glittering career? Would she really go a far as murder? Go here for tickets.

A First Class Murder: Friday, May 3 & 18

Step back in time to April 1912 and join the first class passengers at the table of Lieutenant Isaiah Burgh. There’s a killer on board but that’s not all the passengers have to worry about as you’ll soon discover. Everyone has a secret to hide but someone has a motive for murder and you must uncover who and why. Go here for tickets.

Murder and Mischief: Saturday, June 15

Sir Ivor Mansion is convinced his new yacht is haunted. He is planning a ghost hunt and he’s brought two mediums aboard to get rid of the ghostly captain.

When someone goes overboard this ghost hunt is about to become a murder mystery.

Secrets and lies will be revealed but will you be able to discover whodunit? Go here for tickets.

History of Lumley Castle

Lumley Castle dates back to the 1300s, taking its name from creator Ralph Lumley.

Sir Ralph was involved in the conspiracy to overthrow Henry IV and replace him with Richard II. The coup failed and led to Sir Ralph and his son Thomas being arrested. The two were held prisoner until they were both executed in 1400.

Sir Thomas was considered an important figure in court. He was involved in the successful siege of Bamburgh Castle.

1600-Present day

On a journey from Edinburgh to London, King James I stayed at Lumley Castle as a guest of Lord Lumley in the 1600s. The King James Suite was named to commemorate the royal visit.

In the early 1800s, Lumley Castle came under the ownership of the Bishop of Durham, after he gave his residence of Durham Castle to the recently founded University of Durham.

The University College sold off Lumley Castle in the 1960s to fund the building of residence halls in the centre of Durham.

In 1976, No Ordinary Hotels became the new tenants of Lumley Castle, turning it into a hotel.