The Disappearance of Kitty Wake

The Story

Ten years ago 19-year-old Kitty Wake went missing. Her car was found abandoned in woods and she was never seen again.

Now a series of sudden deaths has taken place in the normally quiet town where Kitty lived.

Are these sudden deaths linked to the disappearance of Kitty Wake? That’s up to you to decide.

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Turn Detective

Put yourself in the shoes of the detective as you work this case to find clues, ask questions and see what you can discover.

Listen in to voicemails, read emails as they arrive and take a look around the web for clues that just might help you. You can become a web sleuth as you try to understand what happened to Kitty Wake on that fateful night ten years ago.

Try our mini interview here with witness Major Orson A Round.



With six potential suspects or witnesses in this case there are plenty of people to talk to, questions to ask and evidence to discover.

But have you got what it takes to figure out whodunit?




How does it work?

The Disappearance of Kitty Wake is an online murder mystery that you can play whenever and however you choose.

The mystery is split across four days and you can choose to play it all in one day or evening, investigate over several days or a week. You have unlimited access to the mystery.

Each day brings you new clues to examine and interviews with six suspects. You choose the questions you want to ask the suspects. You choose what clues are important to you.

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Does this murder mystery happen on set dates?

No! It’s just like one of our murder mystery events but you are in control. There are no time limits, no set days. You can play whenever, wherever and however you choose.

At home alone?

Then grab your laptop and start your investigation. You may not have anyone at home to chat to but our suspects will be all the company you need as they answer your questions – not always entirely truthfully!

Work your way through the first part of the investigation and come back to it the next day if you want. It’s entirely up to you when you play. 

Date Night?

Pour a glass of wine and work together to solve the murder mystery. Will you work out whodunit? Or will your partner see through the tale to get to the truth before you?

Enjoy our online murder mystery over a meal or nibbles but it’s great fun to solve together.

Online with family and friends?

Make it a Zoom night or any other platform you want, share your screen, share your game and see who is the Tp Detective!

However you choose to play – don’t miss out on our special introductory offer!

Get web sleuthing now

Now you can be an internet sleuth in your own investigation from the comfort of your sofa.

Look at every clue or challenge yourself to look at only one or two clues each day.

Move through your investigation asking the questions you want.

Visit internet pages created just for you that might offer little insights to add to the fun.

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