Join our Tall Tales Detective Academy 

We’re giving you lots of tools and tips to start your Junior Detective Club – from making badges, how to find fingerprints and lots of games to play.

Our Tall Tales Top Detective Academy is packed with lots of mysteries to solve and games to play inside and out. And at ¬£12 it’s great value because the games we’re including are worth ¬£21!

Or you can sign up for our free Detective Academy that still gives you lots of ideas for things to make and do as you create your own Detective Club.

It’s perfect fun for the holidays or any time of year.

What's included?
  • Secret password to unlock our detective academy
  • Download and print activities
  • How to find fingerprints
  • How to make a detective game
  • How to make secret codes
  • How good a witness are you
  • Ideas of detective games to play
What's included?
  • Secret password to unlock our Top Detective Academy
  • Download and print activities
  • Everything in the FREE detective academy
  • 2 x mini mystery games
  • Cluedunnit Trail
  • Fingerprint Treasure Hunt
  • Village Whispers

Why join our Tall Tales Detective Academy?

Kids love the idea of turning detective and with our Detective Academy we’ll give them all the things they need to create their own junion detective club and more!

As well as the badges, the fingerprint sheets and tips we’re also offering ideas for once they’ve got all that under their belt and they’re ready to do more detective activities.

Our Tall Tales Top Detective Academy gives them access to lots of our mystery games to play.

Whilst our free Detective Academy gives you and them lots of ideas of how to put their new detective club to practice. All you need to do is sign up and enter your email address and you’ll receive a link and the password to crack.

They’re great ways to get them using their imagination.

Ready to join us? Let’s get started!