Since launching our virtual Christmas party nights I’ve had lots of questions about how our virtual murder mystery events work and what you can expect when you join us.

Some have been questions that I hadn’t even thought of and I know if one person has asked there’s probably lots of others wondering the same thing. So let’s get those questions answered.

  1. How do I find out where to be and when?

All our events, unless stated on the website or Facebook event, start at 7.30pm and end around 10pm. You will receive an email 48 hours before the event with the link to log in to a Zoom meeting where we perform for you.

  1. Do I need a Zoom account?

No you don’t. We send you a link to the meeting as well as a Meeting ID and passcode. Zoom states you only need an account to create meetings and share invitations. But you can create a free Zoom account if you want to be sure.

  1. What age are you virtual murder mystery events suitable for?

We’ve had children of all ages join us but we would recommend our events for children aged 12+. Bear in mind, we are discussing murder albeit in a comedy-style so there will be a death and lots of nefarious motives that may involve affairs, family rivalries and deceit. It is up to you to decide if our nights are suitable for your child.

  1. How much of your virtual murder mystery events live and how much is pre-recorded?

Great question and one I hadn’t thought of before. Our events on Zoom are completely live bar the occasional pre-recorded sound of a gunshot or similar. From the moment you join us on Zoom until we close the meeting everything you see is live which allows our suspects to interact with you from the moment we meet. They aim to draw you into our story, make you laugh and try to convince you of their innocence.

  1. How do the actors perform?

The actors are all live and all in windows on Zoom. You will only see their top halves but they perform with their dialogue, between them and sometimes you too, and the occasional scene between those windows as they pass things between them. It’s not as you would see on stage or within a room but it is great fun and as close as we can get to our live and in person events.

  1. What happens in a virtual murder mystery event?

We perform three rounds. After each round you will receive a clue. Following the first two rounds you will head into breakout rooms where you have the chance to question each suspect in turn with a small group of fellow detectives. After the third round we use the chat facility for final questions and then ask you to decide whodunit.

  1. Do I have to be on camera or speak?

No you don’t. You can have your camera off and mute yourself or you can turn off the camera and just unmute yourself when you want to ask a question or you can just reply on others to ask the questions. It’s much more fun if you ask questions too.

  1. I live on my own can I join in too?

Yes absolutely. We have lots of people who join alone but you’ll go into breakout rooms with other people and it can be a great social activity.

  1. There are four of us in our house can we all join in on one ticket?

Yes you can and it can be a great fun experience to crack the case together.

  1. We don’t live in the UK but can we still join in?

Yes. We’ve had people join us from all around the world. There may be a time difference between where you are and the UK but there’s nothing to stop you joining in.

If there’s any questions I’ve not answered there then feel free to ask. Just email

And then all you need to do is book your next virtual murder mystery event. Take a look at our events here.

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