Halloween Party Fun – a start for your spooky stories

The idea of encouraging the kids to write and tell spooky stories as part of their Halloween Party fun this year has prompted lots of conversations on and offline this week.

You may remember I suggested in the blog last week that you could have a spooky story competition at your Halloween Party or sleepover and get the kids to write down their stories and then read them out to their friends or perhaps draw a storyboard comic-style to share.

I found myself chatting about this with other parents this week and reminiscing about our own childhoods spending days, whatever the time of year, sharing spooky stories with our friends.

But one thing that kept cropping up in our conversations was the concern that they wouldn’t know where to start to get the children inspired. Now, I don’t remember ever having any difficulty thinking of spooky stories to tell my cousins but then that maybe because the older cousins told more stories and I probably copied.

However, I have put my thinking cap on and come up with the first line of a story that you could offer to the children to get them started with their story. Give them the first line on a slip of paper when you hand out the invitations to the Halloween Party and tell them to write what happens next.

Then come your Halloween Party get them to sit around in a circle with the lights off or down low and the child telling their story holding a torch to light up their words and see what shivers run down your children’s spines! Not for the youngest of children and not for the faint-hearted but still bags of Halloween Party fun!

So here is my suggested opening line, the children can choose their character boy or girl:

“Hetty/Oscar had always thought of herself/himself as just another ordinary kid until the day she/he started seeing things that weren’t really there…”

Have fun with the first sentence and I bet there are some amazing stories to be told!


  1. That is a great idea. Forget about kids…this could be fun for adults too!

    Oscar had always thought of himself as just another ordinary kid until the day he started seeing things that weren’t really there when he was at work. Mostly people wearing elaborate 13th century clothing. …. I’ll be think about this all night.

    • You’re so right! Well, I think we might turn this into a fun competition and see if anyone else would like to join in!

  2. Great ideas – I’m sure kids will have fun with them! Thanks for sharing!

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