Forget your mobile phones at one of our North East murder mysteriesWe’ve all been there – out for an evening with friends or family and they’re spending more time on their mobile phones checking their Snapchat or Instagram than they are talking to you!

It’s frustrating when you’ve made time for that friend or, in my case, teenager to get together for a meal out or a chat, isn’t it? But it’s so easy to do!

You can impose rules, ask them to put down their mobile phone while you eat but you know the pull is there and at the back of their mind they’re thinking they really do need to see how many people have commented on the last photo they uploaded!

But come along to one of our North East murder mystery nights and you won’t see your friends grabbing their phones unless it’s to take a photo of the fun!

Everyone loves an experience and that is definitely what a murder mystery is.  But it’s more than just immersing yourself in the experience that encourages people to leave their phones to one side. With our North East murder mystery nights you daren’t take your eye off the performers in case you miss something, that subtle little clue that just might lead you to the killer and that no one else might spot!

For me, as the writer of all our scripts, that is the joy of our murder mysteries – seeing people of all ages joining in, talking, discussing what they’ve seen and working together.

A murder mystery really does appeal to people of all ages – even if some of them are a little less willing than others when they first arrive. From pensioners to teens it’s always lovely to see family groups getting together to have fun with us!

At the end of one of our latest murder mystery dinners one guest approached me to explain he’d been sceptical about the whole idea when his motherForget your mobile phones with one of our North East murder mystery nights suggested it. She’d wanted a night out with the family for her birthday with everyone solving our case. He’d gone along with her choice of event and he’d surprised himself at just how much he’d enjoyed it. In fact, we might even see him again he’d enjoyed himself so much!

So if you’re looking for an event that will grab everyone’s attention and get them to leave their mobile phones in their pocket or bag come along and join us at one of our murder mysteries.

Let’s see if your normally phone-addicted friends swap their social media for a social night out!

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