Silent Movie Murder - Aoril FoolWe’re launching the first ever all silent murder mystery – something that’s never been done in the UK before!

Our Silent Movie Murder Mystery is the perfect plot for an entirely mimed performance because it’s set in the era of silent movies. We’re adding some piano music and some subtitles to add to the experience just as you would have enjoyed whilst watching silent movies at the cinema.

And we’re really excited about this new style murder mystery.

Our fabulous cast members have been working on expressing themselves entirely in mime which has led to a great deal of laughter but the plotline is looking great and we can’t wait to show it to you, our guests.

So what gave us this idea? Well, you did! We’ve been talking a lot to guests about our latest plots and each time we mentioned Silent Movie Murder someone asked how we would get the story across if it was a silent murder mystery. That led us to thinking why not?

We realise it may be a little tricky when it comes to answering Silent Movie Murder - April Foolquestions at the tables as we usually do so our suspects will carry ready prepared cards to questions we think we are most likely to be asked. If we’re asked a question we haven’t thought of (and we sometimes are) the suspects will just have to find a card with the answer closest to what they want to say.

Now we realise you might be thinking we’ve really lost the plot this time and you might be right!

April Fools' Day