Looking for family fun at Christmas?

Take a look at how a mystery adventure helped one woman and her family have fun together.

Family fun at ChristmasA chance meeting just before Christmas led to a conversation between business owner and mum, Kay, and me.

We got chatting about our families and she began to tell me she was looking forward to spending the holidays with her kids but wanted something fun and different to do with them.

And when she heard about my mystery adventures designed with kids in mind I could see her mind whirring and there was no hesitation. She wanted one.

This time last year, the only detective mystery adventure I had to offer was The Jewel Thief  and so that was what Kay plumped for. Now, obviously my mysteries are designed for children, but Kay had already told me this was to be a family event and whilst the fun was aimed primarily at the children there were going to be grown-ups involved too. She really wanted some family fun at Christmas.

But I’d seen enough mums, dads, grandparents and other adults’ reactions to The Jewel Thief and I knew they wouldn’t be disappointed.

You see, The Jewel Thief Mystery is based around the theft of a tiara at Puzzle Hall – no murder but plenty of mystery – and the children must complete fun activities and games including spot the difference, mazes, hidden objects and so on to unveil clues from each of the seven suspects. The mystery continues until the children (and the grown-ups) are left with just two suspects and they need to make up their minds who is the jewel thief.

What makes my No Murder Mystery Adventures perfect for children is the fact that, unlike the typical murder mystery party there’s no gruesome crime, there are no lines for the children to remember, they don’t have to play a part unless they want to and unlocking the clues doesn’t need them to think about who might be lying. Once they’ve solved a puzzle or quest they get a clue and that lets them clear that suspect. No one lies in our clues!

So Kay took her mystery and planned her family time between Christmas and New Year and what a success it proved.

Don’t take my word for it. This is what Kay has to say: “We played it over Christmas – we had eight children – four boys and four girls, aged from five to eight.  My mam, sister, nephew, and two cousins all joined in!  In fact, we each dressed up as one of the characters (some played two!).  We even had a tiara that I sprung out from my jumper at the last minute (as I ended up being the culprit).

“We had such a brilliant time, and I was really impressed by the quality of all the activities.  The children loved designing their notebooks and making guesses as to who ‘dunnit’.

“Thank you for helping me make such a special day over Christmas!”

The Jewel Thief proved so popular in this last year that I’ve added the Mystery of the Poison Pen Letters and am busily adding a third – Movie Mayhem – that’s based around the world of movies so it’s perfect for getting dressed up!

Kay had been so determined to find ways to focus on and have fun with her kids and the rest of her family over Christmas last year and I was so delighted to hear just how much The Jewel Thief Mystery helped her achieve that.

Are you looking for something fun and different to do with your children either just before Christmas or between Christmas and New Year? Perhaps Tall Tales Adventures can help you find some family fun at Christmas too!