Immersive experiences in the North East


Lose yourself in our of our immersive experiences in the North East from a taste of the etiquette of Regency life to the much loved Alice In Wonderland.

There are no murders in our new immersive experiences just a wonderful evening or afternoon, playing along with our characters, solving riddles or working out who is hiding secrets. 

Immersive experiences in the North East
Harriet Strick in our Immersive experiences in the North East
A Traitor Among Us

From the dresses and costumes, to the engaging characters and the fun and laughter we think you will love our immersive experiences.

Our teams of actors are known for providing great entertainment in our murder mysteries and here you can play along with them without suspecting them of a murder!

Our Regency immersive experience

Lots of you love a certain Ntflix show set in the Regency era and now you can step into that world of duels, dancing and romance with our Regency immersive experience.

Lady Augusta Darlington is seeking a suitable husband for her niece at the latest social event at the Ton. 

You can dress up, become a mini character and help Lady Darlington find the best match for young Harriet.

Pick up your copy of Lady Whistleblower’s scandalous magazine, work out who the gossip is all about and particularly who is behind the pen name,


Alice In Wonderland immersive experience in the North East

 Alice In Wonderland Experience

Alice In Wonderland is forever popular with characters that jump right off the page. 

We’ve chosen the most iconic characters for our Alice In Wonderland immersive experience in the North East. You’ll meet Alice, of course, the Queen Of Hearts and The Mad Hatter as you try to help Alice survive Wonderland and get home.

Solve the Mad Hatter’s riddles to find the answers and dodge the questions of The Queen Of Hearts.

A perfect entertaiment for parties, special occasions and even weddings for fans of Alice In Wonderland.

What is an immersive experience?

Our immersive experiences in the North East put you into the story. It’s theatre performing around you and giving you the choice of joining in with the story or sitting back and watching as it unfolds around you.

There may be tasks to complete to win prizes such as solving the Mad Hatter’s riddles.

You can dress up to join in or come as you are.

Do I have to join in?

Absolutely not. You can do as much or as little as you want but we hope you’ll chatwith the immersive actors who can be funny and engaging and create a wonderful atmosphere.

There are no roles for you to play in front of everyone unless you really want to.

Can I book an immersive experience for my party?

We would love you to. Just email or call 07833 715504 to find out more about our immersive experiences in the North East and how they can complement your special occasion.

Where can I book a public event with one of these immersive experiences?

 You’ll find all our events – both murder mysteries and our immersive experiences – under events on the website or sign up for our enewsletter to get monthly updates.