Coffee Break Mystery – The Case Of The Missing Vase

Coffee Break Mystery - The Case Of The Missing VaseThe priceless antique vase was missing from its cabinet in the museum but this was no break in!

The glass door to the cabinet was swinging open and the key was in the lock.

Detective Baffleby studied the empty cabinet without touching anything. The now missing vase had been in place when the cleaners had started their rounds as the museum closed for the night. They had no access to the keys, kept locked in the Security Office.

As usual, the cleaning team had vacuumed and dusted and taken care to polish the display cases to remove sticky fingerprints where eager museum visitors had pressed up against the glass.

And yet Detective Baffleby could make out one perfect print on the door of the cabinet that had once housed the vase. He asked his crime scene investigator colleague to dust for prints and there was the finger mark.

Security officers, Grace and Carol Keeper, were called into the room. They had been the only two people left in the building once the museum was closed for the night. They walked in together in their matching uniforms and Detective Baffleby stared hard at them.

Grace and Carol were identical twins and Detective Baffleby could not tell them apart except by the name badges that declared one to be Grace and one to be Carol.

With a sigh that suggested he feared what should have been an easy case was about to become impossible to solve, Detective Baffleby asked them both to provide their fingerprints for comparison with the print left behind on the glass cabinet door.

When the crime scene investigator had finished her work, Detective Baffleby made an arrest.

How did he know which of the identical twins was the thief?

[toggle title_open=”Answer” title_closed=”Answer” hide=”yes” border=”yes” style=”default” excerpt_length=”0″ read_more_text=”Read More” read_less_text=”Read Less” include_excerpt_html=”no”]Identical twins may be identical in many ways but they always have their own unique fingerprints. When the comparison with the fingerprint was made it was clear that it was Carol’s fingerprint on the glass and Detective Baffleby made an arrest.

She confessed to taking the vase.



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